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There’s a new detective in town: It's little Suzi B: and aside from the fact that she’s just thirteen years old and only 4 feet tall, by using her amazing computer skills, she’s made a big splash with local law enforcement agencies, who have repeatedly sought her help solving their toughest criminal cases...the ones the have found most baffling.

Her biggest delight is helping her legal guardian, criminal defense attorney Peter Sharp, by solving his most difficult cases - all to the amazement of Peter, the police, and local prosocuter District Attorney Myra Sharp, Peter Sharp's often bitter and jealous ex-wife.

You’ll especially enjoy the devious tactics Suzi uses to occasionally try and finagle her way into the trial courtroom to present her solutions in open court, to the delight of the press, and to get interviewed for the evening news and upstage the adult competition.

How To Write a Mystery Novel
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How To Write a Mystery Novel
Behind the Scenes: Creating a Crime Series
By Gene Grossman

Gene Grossman created the popular 15-book series of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, each one with a crime that stumps the authorities and defense attorney Peter Sharp.

Fortunately, Peter has a 13-year-old legal ward named Suzi, who just happens to be a computer whiz, with a mind that works a lot faster than the adults involved in each case, so she usually solves the crime and lets Peter take the credit.

If you enjoy reading mysteries and want to try your hand at creating one - or a series - on your own, you will find this book a valuable aid, because it reveals Gene's thought processes as he created the books, and provides you with valuable information that will help you with your own writing efforts.

Also included are some 'insider' tips on printing, marketing, distribution, and much, much more.

As an extra bonus, the book also contains the first chapters from many of the Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries (detailed below), so you can have some idea of how to 'grab' a reader's attention while they're browsing in a bookstore.

Read Author Gene Grossman's comments on the importance of SUSPENSE in a novel

How To Write a Mystery Novel
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Rules to Follow when Writing a Suspenseful Mystery Novel
By the author of the popular Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries
By Gene Grossman

Gene Grossman has written more than 45 books, 20 of which are the popular full-length Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries and Suzi B. Mysteries, now being read all over the world... and as an author, Gene reveals all of the things he sees other writers of mystery books and television shows do that makes him immediately either close the book or change the channel. Every person intending to write a suspenseful mystery novel or television show should avoid doing the things on Gene's list, and instead concentrate on following the Rules and Tips he lays out in this book.

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Single Jeopardy -  A Peter Sharp Legal Mystery
By Gene Grossman

Peter Sharp isn't your usual type of attorney unless you consider getting divorced, disbarred, thrown out of your house, and disgraced, all normal for a practicing lawyer. In this first of the series, we join Peter while he tries to find out who framed him, why his wife threw him out, and how to make ends meet.

He also gets involved with a case of Negligent Nymphomania, a ground-breaking new tort cause of action Peter finds himself drawn into. Making matters worse is the fact that his sole source of income - a former classmate, winds up dead; the man accused of murder by jealousy winds up his romantic rival, and Peter winds up getting appointed legal guardian of a precocious 12-year old girl who tries to solve the crimes before Peter and the police can.

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...By Reason of Sanity -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #2
By Gene Grossman

Attorney Peter Sharp gets retained to defend a man accused of capital murder. The thing that makes this case a little harder to defend than most others are that the client's acts were captured on videotape, he confessed to the police, and he wants to plead guilty.

To make matters worse, the District Attorney's office has brought in a special prosecutor for the trial: Peter's ex-wife Myra. Peter is also hired to represent an insurance company, to defend it against a man who slipped and fell while inside a bank that was coincidentally robbed later that same day.

In this adventure, while Peter is involved representing Vinnie, the prolific, peeing pornographer. He also helps solve several bank robberies by catching the entire gang, and meets a gentleman who runs an autopsy store - all with the help of his legal ward, the adorable twelve-year-old computer wizard Suzi.

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A Class Action -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #3
By Gene Grossman

In this third Adventure, Attorney Peter Sharp is retained to represent a man accused of murder by the planting of bombs in vehicles. The client is also suspected of being part of a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States in an upcoming Fourth of July parade. With the assistance of his legal ward Suzi, Peter cracks the case, identifies the real murderer, and at the same time solves the mystery of a dead body found in his friend Stuart's automobile trunk... all while falling for a lesbian lawyer, winning a Will contest, breaking up a stolen car ring 4,000 miles away, and battling with his ex-wife, who has been elected to the office of District Attorney.

In the adventure's hectic finale, Suzi manages to get Bernie, her huge Saint Bernard into a courtroom, where she makes her first official court appearance, holds her first press conference, and becomes a local television hero.

Conspiracy of Innocence
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Conspiracy of Innocence -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #4
By Gene Grossman

Suzi once again saves Peter's case by finding the connection between two crimes that allegedly took place in different parts of the State, one of which Peter was arrested for. And once again, Peter falls for a woman who he thinks could really 'be the one' this time. Peter's ex-wife Myra must make the decision as to whether or not she should resign from prosecution of a case in which she may have a conflict of interest - the prosecution of Peter's murder charge.

Everyone including Peter is sitting on the edge of their chairs as this double murder mystery comes to a shocking conclusion that involves a mafia hit man, revengeful drug dealers, a local police chief, and the ever-popular FBI.

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...Until PROVEN INNOCENT -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #5
By Gene Grossman

It's tough enough defending innocent people, but attorney Peter Sharp's new client has a reputation for disliking any person of color, and is then arrested with a smoking gun, standing over the body of a dead black man he had recently been seen arguing with. To make matters even worse, the district attorney (Peter's bitter ex-wife) has proved that the defendant's gun is in fact the murder weapon, and that both the accused and deceased were in the building alone when the shooting took place. Peter has no defense for his client, and gets that sinking feeling every lawyer gets when forced to start a trial without having anything to say on behalf of a client who refuses to accept any plea bargain.

This book received the prestigious 2011 Global eBook Award in the Fiction/Mystery category.

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The Common Law -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #6
By Gene Grossman

Peter Sharp represents a client with amnesia. Not only is he unable to tell Peter his name, but also has absolutely no recollection of the crime he is charged with committing. Not to worry: Peter obtains video surveillance footage proving his client's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

As usual, this is one of Peter's cases that winds up being a conflict with his ex-wife Myra, who is the county's chief prosecutor. He also may be more closely involved with FBI Special Agent in Charge Bob Snell than before, as they share a dangerous high-speed situation on a winding road. Suzi's new friend Lotus and her mother also play an interesting part in this adventure as Peter finds that he is fighting a ring of credit-card fraud and identity-theft experts.

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The Magician's Legacy -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #7
By Gene Grossman

There are many types of mysteries, but one stands out over all the others: the ones involving a Locked Room. Over the years, every mystery writer worth his salt has tried to come up with the one that tops all the rest: the secret compartments, the doors locked from the inside, the confused timeline, etc., etc, etc. Jacques Futrelle set the standard with his "Problem in Cell 13," but there hasn't been a really fine stumper since then... Until now. Gene Grossman seems to have created a locked room mystery to end all locked room mysteries: not only is the room locked - it is a steel security room from which entry or escape is physically impossible.

The crime is actually seen by several witnesses, but the murderer has disappeared into thin air. If this mystery is to be solved, nobody has a better chance of doing it than a 12-year-old computer whiz: an adorable little Chinese girl who is the legal ward of attorney Peter Sharp.      

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The Reluctant Jurist -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #8
By Gene Grossman

The Santa Monica Superior Court is suffering from a flu epidemic affecting most of the judges, who all got infected while attending a judicial seminar overseas. To help cover their courtroom caseloads, several local trial attorneys are 'drafted' into service. One of them is Peter Sharp, who is assigned to preside over a high profile civil case involving an attorney with whom Peter and Suzi have had past conflicts. Notwithstanding their history, all parties agree to let Peter hear the case... and the final conclusion winds up 35 miles outside of Los Angeles, with Peter pointing a revolver at someone's head. This is the first time in his life that Peter has been in a situation like this, but he feels it is justified because it is to protect someone very dear to him.

You'll be sitting on the edge of your chair as this page-turner forces you to keep reading to its conclusion. 

The Final Case
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The Final Case -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #9 + bonus: Problem in Cell 13
By Gene Grossman, Jacques Futrelle

There are many types of mysteries, but one stands out over all the others: the ones involving a Locked Room. Over the years, every mystery writer worth his salt has tried to come up with the one that tops all the rest: the secret compartments, doors locked from the inside, confused timelines, etc. It's all been tried over and over. Jacques Futrelle set the standard with his Problem in Cell 13, and John Dickson Carr raised it a bit in his The Hollow Man, and Gene Grossman throws his hat into the ring - not with a mystery taking place in a locked-room, but with a murder that takes place in a room with a completely open-door - but also with an invisible murderer.

As an extra bonus feature, after this last Peter Sharp Legal Adventure, the entire text of Jacques Futrelle's Problem in Cell 13 is set forth for your reading enjoyment.        

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An Element of Peril -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #10
By Gene Grossman

In this tenth Peter Sharp Legal Mystery, Peter faces a double task: defending a person who is charged with murder, and also trying to locate the missing victim, who was allegedly killed in a completely locked room. Somewhere behind the tangled mess of a downward-spiraling celebrity starlet, a battling married couple, a missing currency trader and a disappearing corpse, attorney Peter Sharp and his legal ward Suzi must find where the truth lies. As in the past, while Peter's client's trial nears, Suzi has failed to come up with any workable solution that can save Peter from certain defeat and humiliation in court.

As in the past, while Peter's client's trial nears, Suzi has failed to come up with any workable solution that can save Peter from certain defeat and humiliation in court.

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A Good Alibi -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #11
By Gene Grossman

In Latin, the word "alibi" literally means "somewhere else," and to any person charged with a crime, it is an extremely valuable asset to have, because it can mean the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. However, just having an alibi isn't enough: it has to stand up to scrutiny, because any good prosecutor knows that breaking an alibi and proving it was fraudulently concocted can lead a sure-thing conviction.

In this eleventh adventure of the Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, Peter is forced into a role he never thought he'd be playing: that of a prosecutor.      

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LEGALLY DEAD -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #12
By Gene Grossman

Nobody likes a killer, but sometimes you have to put your personal likes on hold when you're a professional.... and that's what attorney Peter Sharp must do when he the court appoints him to represent a professional killer who has specifically requested his services Peter's ex-wife, the District Attorney, assures Peter that an agreed-to plea bargain is already in place, so all he has to do is stand next to his client while the guilty plea is entered.

Peter agrees to the contemplated one-hour of work as a court-appointed defense attorney and makes the court appearance. But when the case is called, the surprises start, and don't stop until the unexpected end of this twelfth Peter Sharp Legal Mystery.

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How to Rob A Bank Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #13
By Gene Grossman

In this thirteenth Peter Sharp Legal Mystery, Peter's challenges not only include the task of a representing a seemingly guilty client, but he must also solve the mystery of an alleged victim that seems to have vanished into thin air from one of the most secure, guarded steel rooms in the entire state of California... a place that another person seemed to have subsequently appeared in. And once again the result of the entire case will depend on whether or not little Suzi can succeed in her behind-the-scenes effort to deduce the solution - and the mind-bending stunt she pulled on all the adults, to 'show off' her mystery-solving efforts along the way.

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Murder Under Way -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #14
By Gene Grossman

A man is found alone on a speeding boat in the Pacific Ocean, dead from a gunshot to the head. There were no other boats in the vicinity at the time of the gunshot, and everyone but attorney Peter Sharp's legal ward Suzi thinks the man's death is a suicide.

Join Peter and Suzi on Southern California's Catalina Island for this adventure as they try to prove that the man's death was really murder - in one of the most difficult mysteries they have ever tried to solve.

Sherlock Holmes Caper
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The Sherlock Holmes Caper -  Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #15
By Gene Grossman

Someone knows that attorney Peter Sharp is a big fan of Arthur Conan Doyle, and clues are being left around town that are related to the Sherlock Holmes stories, intending to draw Peter into trying to find out if a major crime is being planned.

This book will be especially appreciated by anyone who has read the famous detectives stories, and will educate new Sherlock Holmes readers about his legendary powers of observation.

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The Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries -  Volume 1: The First Six Books
By Gene Grossman

SAVE ONE-THIRD! These books ordinarily sell individually for up to $12.95 each, but if you order this 594-page first Volume of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries compilations, you will save one-third of the retail price.

New Series! The Suzy B. Mysteries

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Sorry, Wrong Number - Suzie B. Mystery #1
By Gene Grossman

If you haven’t been fascinated by her brilliant Sherlock Holmes type of logic in the first 15 Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, then now’s your chance to see what little Suzi can do when she’s out on her own… well, almost her own.

She still lives on a luxurious yacht in Marina del Rey California with her legal Guardian, attorney Peter Sharp; and she still has her trusted bodyguard Bernie, a huge Saint Bernard - but for this adventure she doesn’t want to see the adults take advantage of her superior computer skills and grab all the credit for solving the crimes, like they have in the first 15 books that chronicled Peter Sharp’s high-profile criminal cases.

The assignment she has given herself for this first solo adventure is to figure out the identity of a murderous serial church bomber, set up a trap for him, and have the press handy when she actually attempts a citizens’ arrest, with the assist of local law enforcement. At least that’s the plan.

Movie Magic
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Movie Magic - Suzie B. Mystery #2
By Gene Grossman

There's a new detective in town, and aside from the fact that she's only 13 years old and less than 4 feet tall, her help in solving crimes for her legal guardian attorney Peter Sharp has gotten her the respect of local law enforcement agencies. She's so good at it, that she thinks it's finally time for her to go out on her own by accepting cases not being handled by Peter's law firm.

This is her second solo detective attempt - solving a problem that's plaguing the District Attorney, who just happens to be her close friend, Peter Sharp's ex-wife.

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Two Perfect Crimes - Suzie B. Mystery #3
By Gene Grossman

The one attorney that rubs Peter and Suzi the wrong way most is Mister Morris Arthur, and this time he commits what our protagonists feel is the worst offense: getting one of them in trouble with the law.

They all feel that Arthur's actions have gone unpunished for a previous crime, and he is on the verge of succeeding in repeating the act in another crime - and must be stopped.

The secret to stopping Morris Arthur is by tricking him and his clever attorney into painting themselves into a corner in a trial... a position from which there is no favorable way out.

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He's The Guy - Suzie B. Mystery #4

Solving a Double Murder
By Gene Grossman

A man calls the police to report what he believes to be some gun flashes in the window of an apartment near his boat.

When the police respond to the call they discover two dead men who look like they shot each other, and the CSI and medical examiner agree that it was a shoot-out... that they both won.

The police and District Attorney can't find any motive or evidence of anyone else being involved, so they both close their files on this mutual-murder of two men who have never seen each other before, and are writing it off as a burglary gone bad... until Suzi B. reads the police report and also notices something that everyone else missed.

She manages to have the coroner call for a formal inquest hearing, and promises to prove that someone has committed perjury and that the double-murder case should be re-opened.

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The Magic Bullets - Suzie B. Mystery #5

From a gun that couldn't have been used
By Gene Grossman

Ballistics comparison tests performed on bullets recovered from several murders indicate that they were fired from the same gun – but one that could not possibly have been used, because during each time the lethal shots were fired, the weapon was in the custody of the authorities.

District Attorney Myra Scot Sharp (attorney Peter Sharp's bitter ex-wife) appoints a special prosecuting investigator, but when she and all the other adults involved fail to solve this mystery, little Suzi B. is called in for assistance and tries to prove that her amazing theory about who the murderer is, even though it contradicts the opinions of every police agency involved.

Is Suzi right or wrong this time? You'll be as surprised as Peter, Myra, and the police are when Suzi conducts an experiment on the boat that will determine the innocence or guilt of the person that she suspects is guilty.

FBI Writer's Block
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There's No Such Thing As Writer's Block
If you've got something to say, nothing can block you from getting those words onto paper

I've written almost 50 books, of which 20 are a series of mysteries, and I've never suffered from what they call writer's block, for one main reason: I don't sit down at my computer intending to write until I have something to say... and the only thing that slows me down isn't not having something to say, it's trying to figure out the best way to say it.

It's also a fine gift for any friend or relative that has expressed a desire to write, or someone with a personality and imagination you respect that you feel should be writing a book but needs a little push... or a book like this to get them started... and I sincerely believe that all it takes to put out a decent book is to be full of baloney, and a good typist. And if you can't type, there are some pretty good voice recognition programs out there, and as for being 'full of it,' well, I really don't know anyone that isn't.

FBI Fingerprint Identification Guide
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FBI Guide to Fingerprint Identification
Prepared by the Department of Justice
Edited by and with Foreward by Gene Grossman

This is the official FBI Guide to the Science of Fingerprints... material the Bureau has provided to law enforcement agencies worldwide, and after several decades of trying criminal cases l strongly suggest that no defense attorney should be without this book in his or her library for reference before entering any trial in which fingerprint evidence might be submitted.

Too often I've seen police testify that there was a 'match' between the defendant's prints and those found at the scene of a crime, and if a hearsay objection is over­ruled, without the information contained in this book, the average defense attorney is at a disadvantage to cross-examine the witness as to the details of how this conclusion was reached, - and also possibly not competent to launch a credible protest to a fingerprint expert's qualification to testify, thereby eliminating some lab employee one step above janitor from testifying as to his opinion about an alleged match having been found.

Celestial Navigation
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Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot
By Gene Grossman

In addition to writing the Peter Sharp Legal Mystery series, author Gene Grossman has another topic he is fond of and knowledgeable about: boating.  He always dreamed of sailing down the entire west coast of Canada and the U.S., stopping at the numerous yacht clubs along the way and earning his anchorage fees and dinners by giving lectures on celestial navigation.
Unfortunately, his plans were derailed because everyone he talked to about the plan put up their arm in a protective stance, like a vampire might do when confronted by a cross-bearer, and said “oh no, not celestial navigation… I’m an idiot when it comes to that.”
Refusing to be discouraged, Gene finally created a book on the subject, specifically designed and titled for those nautical ‘chickens,’ and to everyone’s surprise (including his own), it far outsells all of the mystery books he’s written.

This book received the prestigious 2011 Global eBook Award in the Non-Fiction/Instructional category.

Credit Freeze

Credit Freeze Out Crooks
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Freeze Out Crooks
By Gene Grossman

PAY a ONE-TIME PROCESSING FEE and it's FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFEWe don't want your private information - we want to ' Freeze Out ' the Crooks that want personal details about you.Freezing your credit with the three major Credit Reporting Bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union) so that no unauthorized person can run a credit check on you is the best way to protect your credit and fight identity theft.

There are several companies that will place the freeze for you, but that requires you to provide them with all of your personal information, and they charge a fee that can be that can be up to $29.95 per month every month - for the rest of your life.

Dr. Nick Shoveen, Ph.D. - Relationship Consultant
and Personal Advisor/Therapist

There's no mystery inside of these books other than how Shoveen
got Magic Lamp Press to publish them and foist them upon the public.
    Ever since his first book, Shoveen has been known as ‘the Rush Limbaugh’ of
relationships, and receives numerous complaints from many women’s organizations.


   The very wise and learned Doctor Nick Shoveen, Ph.D. has been offering unsolicited relationship advice to men for many years. Although it has been difficult to verify his entire background, his publisher (Magic Lamp Press) does know that he claims to have received his Ph.D. from renowned California, allegedly the San Fernando Valley’s second foremost online school.
   The good doctor currently resides in room 37-c at Thailand’s economical Old Bangkok General Medicine House, where he quite often recuperates from serious wounds received in violent feminist attacks during his public appearances.
   After recovery this time, the doctor will continue with his speaking engagements, frequently sponsored by many of the various Gentlemen’s Clubs of America, and a hoped-for appearance on the basic cable Man’s Show.
   Watch for him in your town, unless you reside in one of the municipalities that have requested the doctor to never return. His latest five books are now available:

How Not To Get Married by Dr. Nick Shoveen Ph.D.
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Phone Sex Manual by Dr. Nick Shoveen Ph.D.
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The Female to English Dictionary
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A Guide to Meeting Women
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How to be a Porno Producer
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Sex For Idiots
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How Not to Get Married: An absolute must-read for people of any age who are considering getting married for their first time. Included is an honest discussion of marital problems caused by differences in religion, lack of communication about sex, monetary problems,and many more areas that can stress a marriage, plus how to avoid these problems by advance planning - and the importance of a pre-nuptial agreement.

Phone Sex Manual: This popular book shows how with a minimum investment, you can make more than $200/hour working from the privacy of your own home, with no boss and no overhead. Covers everything you need from incoming phone lines, hiring 'actresses,' and much more.

What Women Really Mean: This Female-to-English dictionary is a guide to interpreting & manipulating the female thought process and gives any male an even chance in dealing with a female.

Meeting Women: A comprehensive system for making the acquaintance of new females in any situation, from a funeral, to a wedding, in a bookstore, a market, a singles bar, etc.

How to be a Porno Producer: This title covers everything from casting, location finding and legal matters, to show how to produce your own low-budget porno movie.

Sex & Relationship Advice
for the Compete Idiot:
After reading the first few paragraphs of this book, you will either want to obtain the rest of it for your reading pleasure, or join Gloria Allred as she leads a female, torch-bearing lynch mob up the mountain to the author’s castle, ignoring the chortling delight of Rush Limbaugh.

         The opinions expressed by Dr. Shoveen in his books do not reflect the opinions or policies of the publishing company that releases his books - Magic Lamp Press.
         Readers of these books are hereby forewarned that Doctor Shoveen may have a tendency to exhibit unorthodox opinions and policies as to the place of females in our great society.

The Books of Edwin H. Sinclair, Jr. -  Murdered Author

Edwin H. Sinclair, Jr. is alive and well: the reason for the above description of his state of being is because with his permission, author Gene Grossman killed him off in one of the Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries.

While Mr. Sinclair was alive in both fiction and reality, he authored several books, as described below.

Full disclosure:
Mr. Sinclair is a close friend and boat neighbor of Gene Grossman, hence his inclusion on this page of mysteries.

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Attn: Golf Addicts

 The mystery here is why so many middle-aged men ruin a perfectly good walk by frequently stopping
to try and hit a small ball with a long-handled club, and when failing to do so may angrily bend the club or
toss it into some nearby pond of water. Perhaps these books may provide an answer to the mystery.

Golf Rules   How to NOT Win a Tournament
Game Losing Mistakes to Avoid

By Gene Grossman

The only mystery here is why, no matter how much you play, you don't get much better.
If you'd rather play golf than just about anything else, then this is the book for you,
because if you're not already an expert when it comes to losing, this will help show you
more creative ways that you may have never heard of before... all tried and tested by
professionals whose names you will recognize.

Fore! -  The Best of Wodehouse on Golf
By P.G. Wodehouse

Written by P.G. Wodehouse, creator of Jeeves & Wooster and whose BBC television series of the
same name starred House Hugh Laurie.

This book is a collection of humorous golf stories allegedly
told by the 'eldest member,' as he sat at the 19th hole of Wodehouse's fictional private golf club.

The Complete Golfer -  The Golfer's Bible
By Harry Vardon

A copy of Harry Vardon's Complete Golfer should be in the nightstand of every person who has ever played, watched, or shown the slightest interest in golf.

It's illustrated 33 chapters cover absolutely everything you could ever have any questions about when it comes to playing golf, which also makes this book the perfect gift for any person you know who is difficult to buy gifts for.

Harry Vardon has been ranked by Golf Digest as the World's 13th best Golfer. He won a total of 62 major golf tournaments and at one time had a record-breaking string of 14 consecutive wins.

He is also famous for the Vardon Grip, the over-lapping grip used by pro golfers for the past 75+ years.

MORE MYSTERIES - available in paperback and ebook

Marina Man
Marina Man
By Jonathan Schwartz

Marina del Rey attorney Tom McGuire must defend his client against a charge of carjacking and murder, rescue a proctologist-turned-plastic-surgeon, and battle with a government administrator of the Federal Witness Protection Program. Tom also runs into a modern-day Indian tribe that inhabits a high-rise office building, and some militant environmentalists who have unique methods of combating a Malibu real estate development. The action is set in and around Marina del Rey, California, with excursions to Topanga Canyon and Catalina Island's tiny settlement, Isthmus Cove. Also included are confrontations at sea between Tom's aging Chris-Craft and a Mafia offshore racer. Throughout, attorney McGuire's description of the action that takes place in this novel is a sense of humor that could only come from a person who has performed standup comedy, as author Jonathan Schwartz has.

Caviar Crimes
Caviar Crimes
By Jonathan Schwartz

Tom McGuire is on stage in a comedy club, pursuing his dream as a stand-up wannabe. A disturbance in the audience leads to the discovery that one of Maria's 'clients' at her County job is the aged mother of a Russian caviar smuggler in big trouble with the FBI. Tom represents the smuggler, with disastrous results. A stock promoter Tom prosecuted while working at the US Attorney's office has put Tom's friend and dock neighbor Murray Markoff up to promoting a bogus public company on the Internet, touting the stock of a cold fusion company through a variety of misleading screen-name personae. Throughout, the action is punctuated by Tom's comedy performances and nights in stand-up comedy workshop, and well-informed descriptions of stand-up technique, and the culture of comedy and comedians The author describes the step-by-step process of a classic 'pump and dump' stock scheme, and how promoters have learned to use Internet chat rooms to generate buying momentum.

Point Sal
Point Sal
By Jonathan Schwartz

Marina del Rey attorney Tom McGuire learns that a credit card he never applied for has just been used to buy a new car that winds up in the middle of a 'turf' war outside Santa Barbara, at an idyllic Central California beach called Point Sal. Tom's girlfriend Maria is in danger of being charged with murder and Tom himself is once again betrayed by a former U.S. Attorney's Office co-worker who is in deeper than anyone imagined. Tom's Mafia contacts have retired and opened an Italian Deli/Cooking school called La Cosa Nostra, in which they give cooking classes under the watchful eye of the Federal Organized Crime Strike Force. Tom attends several of these classes. Recipes taught at the cooking school are collected at the back of the book.


The Mystery of the Yellow Room
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The Mystery of the Yellow Room -  A Magic Lamp Classic Mystery
By Gaston Leroux

This is novel, written by the same person who created the "Phantom of the Opera" is reportedly on of the best 'locked-room' mysteries written during the 1900's, and inspired Agatha Christie to write her first book. The sleuth is a young journalist named Joseph Rouletabille, who uses reasoning and logic to solve the crime of the scientist's daughter who is the victim of an attempted murder that takes place in a room with bars on the windows, a double-locked door, making it impossible for the perpetrator to have committed the crime and escaped.

In a 1935 novel, John Dickson Carr, the master of locked-room mysteries, declared the Yellow Room Mystery to be the 'best detective tale ever written.' It was voted the third best locked room mystery of all time.


Murder in the Gunroom
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Murder in the Gunroom -  A Magic Lamp Classic Mystery
By H. Beam Piper

The Lane Fleming collection of early pistols and revolvers was one of the best in the country. When Fleming was found dead on the floor of his locked gunroom, a confederate-made Colt-type percussion .36 revolver in his hand, the coroner's verdict was "death by accident," But Gladys Fleming had her doubts... enough
to engage Colonel Jefferson Davis Rand - a pistol collector himself, to catalogue, appraise, and negotiate the sale of her late husband's collection.
There were a number of people who had wanted the collection, but had anyone wanted it badly enough to kill Fleming? And if so, how had he done it?

Here is a mystery, told against the fascinating background of old guns and gun-collecting that will keep your nerves on a hair trigger even if you don't know the difference between a cased pair of Paterson .34's and a Texas .40 with a ramming-lever.

The Red House Mystery
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The Red House Mystery -  A Magic Lamp Classic Mystery
By A.A. Milne

published in 1922. It was Milne's only mystery novel; he is better known for his children's stories like "Winnie the Pooh" and poems. The Red House is an English country house loaded with guests, including a British major, a willful actress, and a young jock athlete. Tony Gillingham arrives at the Red House moments after a gunshot is heard. The room is locked, the murderer has disappeared and, in Tony's opinion, the police are going about it the wrong way. Antony, who was looking for a new profession anyway, decides to solve the murder himself, with a little help from his friend Bill.

The Red House Mystery was immediately popular; Alexander Woollcott called it "one of the three best mystery stories of all time," but Raymond Chandler complained that the amateur detective's success comes only because the police are incompetent.


The Mystery of 31 NEW INN
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The Mystery of 31 New Inn -  A Dr. Thorndyke Mystery
By R. Austin Freeman

Much like the classic Sherlock Holmes stories, forensic practioner Dr. Thorndyke's exploits are told by his companion Christopher Jervis. This mystery involves two cases that Thorndyke And Jervis get involved with - one a man who is apparently being poisoned, and another who is already dead, but one of his heirs wants to contest the Will. Both cases seem impossible to Jervis, but not to his mentor, Dr. Thorndyke, who sees clues where none seem to exist.

While reading this book you may think you know how it ends, but you will be wrong, because the Way that Thorndyke wraps things up will come to you as an unexpected surprise.


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -  A Magic Lamp Classic Mystery
By Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first twelve Sherlock Holmes short stories published individually by the British Strand Magazine in July of 1981. Shortly thereafter, they were published as shown in this book, and have gone on to become classics and were followed up by another 11 stories in the "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes," also available on Amazon from Magic Lamp Press. The twelve stories in this book include:
Five Orange Pips
A Case of Identity
The Beryl Coronet
The Speckled Band
The Blue Carbuncle
The Noble Bachelor
Red Headed League
Scandal in Bohemia
The Copper Beeches
The Engineer's Thumb
Boscombe Valley Mystery
Man With the Twisted Lip

This is the book that Holmes aficionados usually re-read every few years.


CRIME - Its Cause and Treatment
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CRIME - Its Cause and Treatment
By Clarence Darrow

Clarence Darrow was one of this country's most influential lawyers. His 1925 defense of John Scopes in Dayton Tennessee's Monkey Trial was made famous by the motion picture Inherit the Wind. In this excellent book on Crime, he sets forth his thoughts on numerous subjects from 'What is Crime,' to Sex Crimes, Homicide, the Convict, Pardons, and Remedies.

Loaded with information for courtroom arguments, this book is a must-read for any attorney or law student, and will also enlighten any person interested in our criminal law justice system.

The Life, Crime, & Capture of JOHN WILKES BOOTH
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The Life, Crime, & Capture of JOHN WILKES BOOTH -  A Magic Lamp Classic Mystery
By George Alfred Townsend

Every generation has dates that are etched into people's minds so deeply that they all know exactly where they were when that day's momentous event happened, like 9/11 and the killing of John F. Kennedy. In the days of our Civil War, the date etched into people's minds was when President Abraham Lincoln was shot dead as he attended the play "Our American Cousin" at the Ford Theater, on April the 14th, 1865 at the Ford Theater.

This book chronicles the events leading up to the assassination, and to the deaths of the killer John Wilkes Booth on April the 26th of that same year, and the subsequent hangings of the other conspirators on July the 7th.


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A Book of REMARKABLE CRIMINALS -  From the Magic Lamp Classic Crime Series
By Harry B. Irving

H.B. Irving decided not to use his legal education to practice law, and instead spent his time between acting roles during a successful career o the stage chronicling these remarkable criminals. Included in this volume are ten infamous characters who made headlines in their day, including Charles Peace, Robert Butler, M. Derues, Dr. Castaing, Professor Webster, the mysterious Mr. Holmes, the Widow Gras, Vitalis and Marie Boyer, the Fenayrou case, and Eyraud & Bompard. Irving includes complete details about the crimes, court cases, and ultimate downfalls, also discussing their behavior during the interval between their condemnation and their execution

The reader will especially enjoy the author's extensive Introduction, in which he mentions many of the remarkable criminals of the book, along with others, comparing them to famous fictitious and real criminals that have appeared from Shakespeare's time to Irving's current days in the early twentieth century.


True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney's Office
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True Stories of Crime From the District Attorney's Office -  From the Magic Lamp Classic Crime Series
By Arthur Train

Not all crimes are solved by lab-savvy CSI teams, matching some small piece of trace evidence to the culprit's DNA... they are solved by hard-working detectives doing the leg-work that has been a requirement of police for hundreds of years. And no-one knows this better than author Arthur Train, who was a District Attorney in New York, working side-by-side with the police. This book chronicles eleven fascinating cases that include a talented freehand check forger with a brilliant courtroom strategy, a 500-million-dollar fraud scheme including title to New York's Central Park, a stolen Stradivarius violin, a swindling telegrapher reminiscent of a Newman-Redford movie, and many more.

This is the stuff that great books and movies are made of, but the reader must always keep in mind that the crimes covered in this book are not from the creative imagination of an author - they are real-life stories that have actually happened.


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